New Leaven Clergy Endorsements

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Clergy Endorsements

Once a person has experienced the life-changing encounter with Jesus, they often ask something like, "What do I do now?"  New Leaven is a great answer to that question. Through prayer, teaching, small group discussion, and an environment of expectant faith, men and women grow in practical wisdom for living each day as intentional disciples of Christ.  In short, New Leaven meets a vital need for the progress of the New Evangelization.

Most Reverend Michael Byrnes
Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit


Many of us live lives that are not permeated by the Gospel.  We can overcome this by making deliberate adjustments in the way we live.  This can only be done ultimately by God's Holy Spirit at work in us.  By emulating the way Christ lived, we allow ourselves to be His disciples. We invite Him into our day, life, family, home, and community.

I invite you to allow yourselves to be transformed and am glad to offer the New Leaven Assembly in our parish commencing in January 2014.

Father John Riccardo
Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish
Plymouth, Michigan


Equipping the lay faithful for witness and ministry is the cutting edge of God's work in his Church today. By means of training in discipleship and building relationships of trust and holiness, New Leaven is helping to form the distinctive, Catholic way of life that our world desperately needs. I pray it flourishes.

Father Bob LaCroix
Pastor, Church of the Holy Family Parish 
Novi, MI

An additional endorsement from Fr. John Riccardo