Our Sunday Visitor


New Leaven is privileged to enjoy a significant partnership with Our Sunday Visitor Institute (OSVI) in Huntington, IN. OSVI has chosen to provide funding for the Video Production effort that is crucial for the propagation of New Leaven.

The policy of the Institute is to provide grant funding for innovative Church-related programs and activities that are in accord with:

  1. the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church,
  2. the fundamental mission of the Church, as promulgated by Church leadership and,
  3. the mission of Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., to serve the Church by articulating its teachings, educating its people, and evangelizing the broader culture.

Upon selecting New Leaven for sponsorship throughout 2014, the Executive Director of OSVI, Mr. Jerome B. Kearns wrote: \"Our Sunday Visitor congratulates New Leaven on the wonderful work you're doing for the Church and is pleased to assist with this important program.\"